POLL: Do the gadgets that exist today live up to your expectations from childhood?

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This poll is in honor of "Back To The Future Day". Think back to your early childhood visions of technology. Do the gadgets that exist today live up to your expectations? Tell us why. I personally watched a lot of The Jetsons so I'm still waiting for my flying car and robot housekeeper. (I do have a Roomba but it sadly cannot pick the laundry off my bedroom floor)


Taylor Majewski
I'm definitely still waiting for flying cars.
Devanand Premkumar
@taylormajewski It's pretty much in the making and I am pretty sure we will sure see it in our lifetime. Hold on to that vision for some more time.
Iron Man suit & jarvis is not fully here yet so I would say "kind of" 😛
@rahulmfg haha yes feels like we're a long way off that suit! Although we have some voice tech it's not Jarvis level :D
Devanand Premkumar
@rahulmfg I would love to see Jarvis much earlier than Iron Man :D
No flying cars, no space travel, no teleportation. Smart phones and watches etc are just iterations of the Commodore 64 from the 80s. They’re just better / smaller implementations of what’s been around for half a century.
Abraham Katemba Ndala Ndala
Technology is the motion of today future ,and it a notion of power and progress for the new generation, it really good todays future, than the past
Not at all! It's infuriating! IMO some weird wrinkle in time happened back in the 90s that gave technological progress feet of clay.
Russell Brown
It's a mix of being blown away by things I never expected and being underwhelmed on all things we were actually told to expect.
Jonathan Sun
I think so. They're super futuristic compared to what was around 12 years ago, but yet because the progress was so gradual we kind of already got used to them. Like when I was 10 I thought the iPhone 3G was the most advanced thing in the world, yet here we are with the iPhone 11...
Usama Raudo
but waiting for flying cars :D
I'm still waiting for nano-technology things..
Sagar Khatri
Not until I am able to reach anywhere through teleportation.