POLL: Do you use screen time limit notifications on your smartphone?

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I was pretty pumped when iOS introduced screen time limits, and immediately set myself 30 minute daily limits for apps I tend to waste time on like Instagram. Unfortunately, I now find myself ignoring the notifications when they pop up. Curious to see what your experiences are limiting screen time, makers!


Lanre Akinyemi
I also turned this on for Instagram and Candy Crush 😏 When it cut me off the first time - it was so abrupt (it was like only 10am!) and I felt cheated. Now it's much much much easier and most days I don't even get to the timer limiter anymore. I can't even remember who was the first to introduce this - was it Google last year?
@lanre_akinyemi wow candy crush - been a while since I played that!
I feel guilty for ignoring it sometimes. It somehow already became muscle memory to just "Ignore it for 15 minutes".
@abadesi yeah that's bad. At least we feel guilty doing it. πŸ˜€ There should be an app that gathers data out of Health or Gyroscope and checks how long you can go without ignoring.
Taylor Majewski
I use this for Instagram - but I pretty much always hit the time limit and ignore it πŸ˜•
Dan Edwards
Never tried it, maybe I should πŸ™ˆ
Sarah Loertscher
I don't use them but tbh I didn't know they made notifications, I just check the screen time hours each week! I'm going to start using them though!
Jack H.
I used to. But not after we developed a special glasses 😁
Jack H.
@abadesi We have developed a special glasses that protects not just blue light and UV, but also EMF radiation, PLUS the ability to allow the wearer's eyes to heal themselves from eye problems, like astigmatism, eye floater, nearsightedness, etc. AND boost the person's focus, concentration and performance! So basically, I have no problem looking at screens at all and at the same time they help with my eyes problem and keep me focused. I know I probably have to set up a product page here on producthunt, but haven't figure out how to do it yet.
Shangata Afsana
I use this for Instagram - but I pretty much always hit the time limit and ignore it ...
Neil Chalk
I often ignore for 15 minutes at a time, sometimes I use the new "ignore for one minute" feature and it does help me getting side tracked and wasting my time in apps. That said my screen time has crept back up from under 4 hours to just over 5 hours/day :shocked_face_with_exploding_head:
Jeremy Laskar
The solution here is to use Parental Controls instead of Screen Time, and have a partner/friend set the password πŸ™…β€β™€οΈπŸ™…β€β™‚οΈ
Eugene Mi
If anyone has kids, I've collected 11 methods kids use to bypass Screen Time on iOS: https://bytescout.com/blog/bypas... TLDR is that kids are hackers these days and you shouldn't rely on Screen Time really.
Lucy Woodman
I have apps that run in the background, such as pomodoro type things, so my screen time is skewed by those. However, I didn't realise you could add notifications, so I will be looking into that!