How do you maintain concentration at work? Share your tips.

Artem Galenko
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Wilson Bright
Pomodoro and Coffee :)
Roman in Berlin
It's not exactly novel but turning off nearly all notifications has worked really well for me. Some notifications may seem essential and those that can be the most distracting. So no email notifications for me, I'll check when I get the chance. Fewer distractions = higher concentration. And, as @wilsonbright mentioned: coffee :)
Rigo Gonzalez
Old school priority / todo list. Every end of day, I write my todos for tomorrow and when tomorrow comes, I focus on completing everything on my list. Sure, there are often times you get distracted by different scenes but for me, I just keep on going back to my todo list. It's important to have your priorities in line with your day to day activities.
Eugene Lorenc
For the intellectual tasks I prefer soft piano and a lot of sweets :) The most distract factor is the office noise, so headphones are the your friends. Being deep in solving process I'm quite aggressive towards colleagues who want to talk to me. So, coffee is my enemy :) And of course, no messengers, no notifications, no phone, etc.
Rishi Gaurav Bhatnagar
Here is how I do it: 1. To-dos made previous day for the current day. 2. Meditation 3. DND time blocks at work 4. Focus on one task at a time. 5. Avoiding multitasking at all points and at all costs.