POLL: What email service do you use for your projects?

Louis Grenard
6 replies
Hello makers, I was wondering which emails service are you using for your projects? There are a lot out there, some more dedicated to newsletters, some more developer friendly, some more marketing "all-in-one" focus, etc. Small suggestion to the PH team: it might be good to have an option to create either single choice polls, either multiple choices polls. For example, that poll question is more adapted to receive multiple answers :)


Hanna Barzakouskaya
How about you? What service do you prefer?
Louis Grenard
@anna_panchenko it depends of what I'm going to do. For a newsletter, I would go for Substack or Revue (that I forgot to add in the poll actually). And for any kind of business features relying on emails (account verification, forget password, etc.) I would go for AWS SES.
Mailchimp and Product Hunt Ship. I am curious about Revue and TinyLetter.
Radhika Mohan Singh Roy
Try EngageBay They offer a low-cost but high value email service that is pretty generous with the limits.
Mateusz Grzegorzek
For transactional emails I use SendGrid, since I'm .NET guy working with Azure and they have a good plan for us (like 20K emails/month for free). For email campaigns, I also use https://mailerlite.com/ - they have pretty good pricing and features and few bloggers recommended it as well.
Ferenc Forgacs
Mailchimp, Mailgun and SendGrid. I use Mailgun and Sendgrid for transactional, Mailchimp for marketing mails. I also use Mailchimp to create landing pages to display my subscription forms so it's easier to keep everything there. Now that Mailgin pricing is changing, I'll probably move all of my transactional mails to Sendgrid.