Do you prefer reading or listening?

Louis Grenard
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Hi makers 👋, As some of you already know, I'm currently working on a service ( that'll allow you to convert web links, files and plain texts to audio. I would really appreciate if you can answer the following questions: - Do you prefer reading or listening? - In which context would you prefer one instead of the other? - Why?


Aakash Kerawat
@louistiti_fr Personally I would prefer listening. As I find it less distracting let's say when you commute, it's sometimes hard to read as compared to putting on earphones and simply listen without any distractions. Hope this helps!
Vikas Raj Yadav
@louistiti_fr Listening, cause I can multitask.
Louis Grenard
@vraj247 interesting. Would you also prefer to listen for educational contents while you do other things at the same time?
Yashu Mittal
@vraj247 How do you multitask while listening? I mean it's hard to focus, especially when you are doing work which require some thinking.
Vikas Raj Yadav
@mittalyashu77 See there is a catch, It depends upon the task. Most of the time I listen where I don't require so much attention. It's like muscle memory where I can play guitar and talk to you at the same time. I know it sound a little over the top but I've been doing this from about 10 years.
Vikas Raj Yadav
@louistiti_fr Yes, I mostly listen to a podcast about designs and do some of my Interaction related work where I've already created a schema in my mind about what to create so It's little easy to multitask.
Ferenc Forgacs
@louistiti_fr when I want to slow down and focus on one thing, I prefer reading. I noticed, that if I'm listening I got distracted much easier. It could also happen when I'm reading but I can continue where I left. When I'm listening, I just completely forget what I was listening to :D But! I really like to listen to something while I'm running (podcasts most cases), I'm also able to focus on what I'm listening in that case.
Louis Grenard
@feriforgacs thanks for saying! That's interesting, it seems people are easier to be distracted while reading, and other by listening. And all of that also depend about the topic and context.
Ki Xia
@louistiti_fr I actually prefer the opposite - I used to commute >2 hours a day to Denver so listening was ideal, but now I have BABIES! And since we no longer have a car or a commute, my best work time is when babies are asleep. So for me everything has shifted to what I can read and work on in silence. I know I am in the minority here though. ;)
Louis Grenard
@ki_ss that is also interesting, thanks for sharing! So it means it also depends about the environment/context.
@louistiti_fr Definitely reading for fiction. I think digesting words on a page does something irreplicable in any other medium for my imagination. I like listening for non-fiction. I think in that context, it's more efficient.
Maribel Ayala
@louistiti_fr reading always, unless driving or running
Jill Barletti
@louistiti_fr - If I want to retain information, I have to read it. And I enjoy reading -- especially because you can scan paragraphs and skip information that you don't think will be particularly helpful (and in doing so, save yourself time). However, there are times I do appreciate the ability to listen to content: exercising & commuting. And I love the service you're working on -- not sure exactly how it works -- might be nice if (for long content) you could see the page outline (not just the title) and subheads were marked in the audio (again, so you can skip over non-essential content) - ??? Best of luck! Sounds like a super idea!!! :)
Louis Grenard
@jillbarletti thanks a lot for sharing that answer! I've been working earlier today to check what was doable according to what you suggested. In any case, the upcoming page is set, feel free to join: ;)
Astha Sharma
@louistiti_fr It depends on what it is. I prefer to read if it's something more complicated/harder to understand. If not, I would rather listen and multitask
Louis Grenard
@astha_sharma alright, thanks for saying! Seems multitask is a good reason for what I've read so far.
Lydia Sugarman
@louistiti_fr I prefer reading. I can cover material at my own speed and reread phrases, sentences, passages that are important to me. I'm easily distracted so focusing on printed matter works better for me. I guess while traveling, I might prefer listening to some forms of content, but again, I have a tendency to get distracted, start daydreaming or thinking about a point just made so I miss the next "N" of audible content.
Louis Grenard
@lksugarman thanks! How about having the text + the audio listening at the same time you are reading, do you think it'll help you to keep a better focus?
Nancy Ngo
@louistiti_fr I prefer to listen because I am a slow reader. I'm trying to work on my reading skills, I know I easily drift while reading because I day dream and get distracted. I also believe that when I listen, I can get information faster as I can listen faster than I can read.
Juan Jose Zevallos Coka
@louistiti_fr I prefer listening. When a listen to an article, podcast, audiobook i can also be driving, working, walking, it relaxes me.
Michael Merlino
@louistiti_fr Depends on what the content is. For articles I prefer reading, but for books audio is (usually) better. For me concentration isn't the problem, it's getting into the task. So if I'm putting something off (like a long book), audio works great.
Alex Devero
I used to prefer reading. Now, I prefer listening because I can listen on 2.4-2.6x. I can then get through the book in a few days. Then, I can either move on or re-listen those part that were most important/interesting. In case of reading, this would take weeks.