Looking for trial users for your SaaS product?

Ranvijay Singh
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I'm sorry if I couldn't grab your attention in any of my previous posts. I and my friend are building SaaStraQ. A one-stop platform to try multiple saas products in one click. We all know trials are good for both users and product owners. Today, we opened up SaaS partners onboarding. If you own a saas product, you are most welcome to visit https://www.saastraq.com. Sign up for free, complete your business profile and start adding your products. That's it! Soon you may expect a good number of trials on your listed products. See you soon!


David Jones
What are the planned prices for those that want trials? If I put my SaaS product on your platform, what will you charge me?
Ranvijay Singh
@david_jones6 Thanks for showing your interest in SaaStraQ. It's a freemium platform. Every month you are served with free 3-5 trials, then you are charged $2/trial.