Have you ever checked if you are tracking the crucial KPIs of your product?

Ranvijay Singh
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How come you know those specifics are crucial ones? Keeping in mind KPIs may differ from business to business and products to products, few of the major KPIs could be; ➤No. of signups (shows users are interested to try your product) ➤No. of logins by registered users ( may gauge users continued interest) ➤No. of forgetting password requests (evaluate if social signups or logins need to be activated) ➤No. of sessions by logged in users (( may gauge users continued interest) ➤No. of users exposed to paywall ➤No. of users taken action against paywall ➤No. of users continued payment processing ➤No. of users abandoned payment processing ➤No. of times payment processing failed ➤No. of users edited payment methods after the first payment ➤No. of users renewed subscriptions or services ➤No. of users raised a support ticket What more KPIs would you like to add that help in better decision making?
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