What do you hate about Facebook?

Andrew Tye
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What do you dislike (or like) most about Facebook? For me, it's the extra stuff and ads and clutter...


Artem Galenko
Like it's awful! Especially UX! they are doing very very bad things just because there are no other alternatives
Andrew Tye
@unrealartemg what would you want to see in an alternative?
Andrew Tye
@unrealartemg any suggestions on how to monetize without being too revenue focused? I agree with you btw
Artem Galenko
@awt I think it is more philosophical question! You always have to chose between two options: money or being useful for the people. For me, it is more important to make a product that can change people's life to better, give them more opportunities and so on. At the very end our life is how useful we were for the others.
Artem Galenko
@awt I understand that business means money and money means business! So let's find the balance. but as for facebook they have definetily chosen money! so brazen and so graceless
Catalin Podeanu
@unrealartemg @awt subscription based, I would pay 100% if I knew I have total control over my privacy (like no active mics to peak at offline conversations and all that darkside). In other words, I would pay if FB would be a product made with good intentions :)
Probably its attitude towards privacy. In the 2016 US Presidential Election, Facebook was working with Cambridge Analytica, who was working with the Trump Campaign to get more people to vote for Trump. But what people didn't know until a couple of years later is that Cambridge Analytica had 5,000 data points on every American voter - with Facebook doing nothing about this until whistleblowers came out and started exposing them. This is just one example out of many.
Luis Dobreira
Facebook Pages... Now with only 10% to 40% reach....
Dean Verhoeven
I can never tell if there are messages, comments to deal with. The little red "things to be dealt with" counters strewn about the desktop interface don't get updated as things are dealt with, so it's hard to tell if you're caught up. When I get a notification of a post comment on my phone, clicking on it brings me to the post, not to the comment, so I may have to hunt through 100 comments to find where to reply. Generally, it takes a long time to do things that should be really simple and smooth. Organic reach seems to be lousy, and paid reach has not been beneficial.
tarek ahmed
when you want to change one setting in your profile or edit anything you need to call it xD
Mark Allen
I gave up on FB a few years ago, interface is awful but even if it was the best in the world it would still me one of the worst social media application ever, from their lack of privacy, the trolling and the 90 % totally useless and crappy content from FB and users alike.
Michael Andreuzza
I agree with Artem Galenko, it's awful. Is just really cluttered....I don't even know how to use it anymore...
I have to use Facebook because it becomes the fast way to connect and follow my family and friends. Follow ex, too lol
@awt I'm expecting the ability to hide the number of likes of facebook, this feature has not yet applied in my region
Andrew Tye
@new_user_224bff08a9 what region are you in?
Jane Sorensen
In 2016 they had a real problem with the friend-interaction algorithm that felt like social engineering - who sees whose content about particular topics and just in general. I felt like I was being relationship-funnelled; it was also the year that everyone seemed to be positively addicted