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I’m an early stage founder, repairing the vehicle servicing, maintenance and repair industry 👨🏾‍🔧 (no pun intended). I have a few things I’m curious/intrigued about so thought I’d get a few second opinions. What type of technology can we expect to see in tomorrow’s vehicles? With a focus on infotainment/in car entertainment systems. How soon can we expect autonomous vehicles to be used day-to-day by the average household on our roads? And your reasons why.


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Maybe around 10 to 20 years when we finally realize that autonomous vehicle is a must like how having a smartphone is a must compared to normal "not so smart phones" Hope that make sense :)
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@muhammad_faris_yusman Hi Muhammad, What do you say it is a must? And do you refer to fully autonomous vehicles or every vehicle having assisted driving capabilities? Just to clear things up!
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@mechanlinkuk Hello, Just a thought. Maybe it will become a must when traffic has increased tremendously that there's a need for fully autonomous vehicle to counter it. But then we have other means of transportations such as trains and busses. I think assissted driving capabilities are importants in terms of safety and efficiency. Whereas fully autonomous vehicles are more than just that. I think the word auto pilot suits best. The idea of auto pilot sure is a futuristic thing. Tesla has the technology. Do you think this technology will be used worldwide in the future?
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@muhammad_faris_yusman Very good point about traffic! That's a very big issue. For the technology to be used worldwide that will require major infrastructural developments in many countries, e.g. Internet Connection, Grid, Connected vehicles, Street lighting, Political/Legal considerations etc; The drawbacks are far too vast and complex for the foreseeable future for global adoption however it's not too far fetched to see the technology adopted In major cities across the world Are you more optimistic than me?
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@mechanlinkuk yes it might be possible for major cities. But still a lot needs to be done as you said. Underground tunnel could be a thing tho. But we'll see what the future holds. I wouldn't say optimistic. I just have an urge to see it happens. Whats your wish btw? And do you like the idea of flying cars?
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@muhammad_faris_yusman I'm terrified of flying cars, however is it really innovation if it doesn't cause a little scare? Also, would love to see autonomous cars integrated into society, the technology really excites me
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Don't you think that vehicles will change the way we commute? It will free up our time - the interiors of cars could be like living rooms, we could hold meetings, maybe have personal training sessions... what do you think?