What are you working on this week? (w/c 23 September)

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Hi Makers! Reply to share what you're working on this week, we can keep each other motivated and maybe even help. This week I'm focused on my three interviews for Product Hunt radio and preparing promotions for the new season starting in 2020. What are you working on?


Armenui Eganyan
Hey, Abadesi! Preparing promotional materials for our company's affiliates, pitching to podcasts and getting ready for some news =)
@armenuhi_yeganyan ooh what are you pitching and which podcasts?
Armenui Eganyan
@abadesi about how machine learning is changing the way we do/see website building today and how website performance, as a result of it, will be expedited in an enormous way letting businesses stand out in so-called digital blindness and google search =) mostly SaaS, WP and entrepreneurship podcasts.
Naya Moss
Hey Abadesi! So I recently made this Fiverr clone. I've spent almost 2.5 weeks working on it. This is v2. But I realized it's not as functional. ts a new software so it has many caveats. https://322nbpmdyfpze9n4k92ckvjm... So I'm spending my morning redoing the entire app in Webflow 🙈.
@nayamoss amazing Naya! Is this something you want to launch and start generating revenue from? What are you doing to build community on the side?
Naya Moss
@abadesi Thanks! Building community around it is one thing i'm struggling with. I'm already doing too much a badly burning out 😬. Yes it's something I want to start generating revenue from. I previous had a services page on my personal website but folks seem more comfortable with a website that looks like a web app such as Fiverr. I thought of doing a PH launch but not sure. I would like for it to eventually be place where freelancers can post their own gigs. I'm doing a trail w/ two friends. But for now I removed that capability for freelancers to sign up.
Laurent Pellegrino
Hi there! After postponing it twice, I will finally launch Ipregistry.co on ProductHunt and other media this week! I am also planning to work on the rebranding of one of my services: Noticeable.io.
Povilas Korop
Hey, working on revamping the content for QuickAdminPanel.com - homepage missing pieces, copy, demo-projects, upgraded tutorials, it's quite a big job after re-launching new version a month ago. Interesting to constantly find new pieces of your product copy that you're not happy with. So not sure if this whole thing is "this week only" job, but getting through it.
Dan Makarov
Funny enough, currently working on the Product Hunt launch
Gio Kakhiani
I'm working on a weekly goal sharing platform. Came here to check how to launch on PH
Fabian Kutschera
Launching my product on Product Hunt but also in Google PlayStore...
Ilias Haddad
Hey, I'm working this week on beta version of the web app of HabitScript and also working on fix issues on the vs code extension of it
Putting on the final touches for my Product Hunt story about no-code hackathons :)
Joan Cardona
Hey @abadesi! I am working in the feedback that I got from the launch of Mindful Affirmations in Product Hunt last week :) Basically improving the onboarding, fixing some UI fixes and giving a way to change the subscription period (from a week to a yearly one).
Vicente Reyes
Working on the almost finishing touches of the website of the non-profit org that I'm working with.
Igor Samokhovets
I'm working on launching our product on PH :^)
Tkachenko Arthur ~UA~
I'm preparing slides for my next git course. it should be less complex, so I hope i'll be able to film and release it quickly
One click checkout polls for the Shopify version of @zigpoll (https://www.zigpoll.com). So far over an 85% completion rate on checkout pages which is wild.
Ildi Xhaholli
I recently launched a hip-hop newsletter @ http://newsletter.1vibe.com. Issue 4 will be going out tomorrow. We also curate a Spotify + Apple Music playlist which is updated every Monday. Would love some feedback! We will be launching the main 1vibe.com website before the end of the year. Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/user/1v... Apple Music: https://music.apple.com/ca/playl...
David Jeremiah Fuimaono
This is a big week for me. I’m so close to finalizing my first product. My main tasks are: 1. Finalize all videos for Product 1 2. Edit and produce all videos for Product 1 3. Design a GETGO site 4. Setup Pricing and offers 5. Setup Email list + campaign 6. GO Live
Richard Reis
Launching Gurgee 2.0 on Product Hunt this Wednesday 😰(after preparing this launch for 2 weeks) https://www.producthunt.com/upco...
Kishan Bagaria
I'm working on a macOS app that cannot be published in the Mac App Store. Can anyone recommend a good platform for publishing paid apps? Gumroad is one but I'm looking for something that integrates better with the landing page of the app. (Also Stripe isn't available in my country)
Ellen Choi
Hi @abadesi! We are currently building a task management app that sits on top of Slack. Main differentiators are - (a) no web component, users stay 100% within Slack; (b) celebrate wins when tasks are completed w/ gifs (like Asana's celebration creatures); (b) escalating nudges for overdue tasks, optional Drill Sergeant mode. I would actually love some feedback on this - if anyone from the PH community finds this interesting would love to talk to you!
Joonas Hämäläinen
I have few quite important goals for this week. First, releasing basic website of my company. No matter what it contain, it has to go live during this week. Second, I need to start React Native prototype of product I am doing. It should be fast to get up and running, and then I need to start collecting feedback and tweaking it. Once both are done, I can keep rest of the week off. Or keep working on more things, whichever suits situation best. :)