What's the best thing you've watched online recently?

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Hey Makers! It's almost the weekend, let's share some recommendations for stuff to watch online so we can enjoy it when we take time to rest. I'm personally excited for the new season of Terrace House on Netflix. It's a Japanese reality show that follows the lives of 20-somethings in a shared house as they navigate life and love. This season they are living in Tokyo.


Sagar Khatri
I complete watching The Spy on Netflix last weekend. It was a pretty good series. Looking forward to get some suggestions on what to watch this weekend.
@dssagar93 I still canโ€™t get over the fact itโ€™s Ali G in a serious role ๐Ÿ˜‚
Sarah Loertscher
Marshall on Amazon Prime, about the early life of Thurgood Marshall, the first black justice on the U. S. Supreme Court
Any Trekkies here? I started watching The Next Generation on Netflix a couple months ago and now Captain Picard is my bedtime lullaby. ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜ On a more serious note - The Great Hack was a great documentary on the Cambridge Analytica - Facebook data scandal. Highly recommended.
@eve_hammond I can't bring myself to watch The Great Hack because I still use Facebook products and not sure how I'll feel after...
Wilson Bright
The Mind Explained on Netflix.
Jonathan Sun
Holey Moley on ABC! It's an innovative mini-golf competition
Cory Decker
Check out Undone on Amazon Prime. Incredibly well done.
David Jeremiah Fuimaono
The latest episode of Jocko Podcast on YouTube. For anyone not familiar with the podcast, itโ€™s primarily focused on leadership and human nature. Pretty legit. My schedule is busier each day, so I donโ€™t get to watch Netflix or other streaming apps as much anymore. But I used to love watching inspiring documentaries, interviews, and movies about entrepreneurs, creators, etc..
@imdavidjeremiah hmm is he a former Navy Seal? Rings a bell.
David Jeremiah Fuimaono
@abadesi Yep. Jocko Willink has a very powerful TEDx Talks, a few best selling books, Extreme Ownership, Dichotomy of Leadership, and more, that I believe are mandatory for people in a leadership position. Itโ€™s going to be mandatory reading and values for every company I build and team I lead.
@imdavidjeremiah that's how I know him! I saw his TED talk and have his book on ownership waiting to be read on my Kindle. Thanks!
Jeffrey Karl
Dark, Season 2 on Netflix.
@jeffreykarl OMG YES! Tell me when you've seen the last episode so we can speculate about season 3...
Emilie Murphy
I just started Westworld on HBO. Anyone else seen it already? I got sucked in after my friend said he wished he'd never seen it so he could watch it all over again!
@emilie_murphy1 OMG yes this was my obsession a few months back. It's so good. I also recommend the podcast made by the director and producer -- adds an extra layer to the narrative. So good!
anthony ware
The Mind, Explained on Netflix
"You" on Netflix... A little cheesy I know but you'll be addicted.
Aline Tan
Just watched Decoding Bill Gates on Netflix. It's interesting, you should watch it! ๐Ÿ˜‰
Sam Abrika
Watching YC video is how I relax. I liked the one on pricing: https://youtu.be/jwXlo9gy_k4
Kavir Kaycee
Chernobyl on HBO
Aakash Jain
'Youtubing' Between two ferns, Jordan Peterson and Russel Brand
Fabian Kutschera
Re-watched The Wire recently... My all-time favourite show. Bit offtopic but still fits the thing of being overwhelmed by recommendations: I launched my app "Zuster" today on Product - where you can recommend not movies/shows but articles to your close friends... Would be amazed if you checked it out. Thanks!
The Flat Earth documentary on Netflix :-|
Ankit Khandelwal
This documentary on general magic just blew my mind. Highly recommended! https://www.imdb.com/title/tt684...
I really enjoyed Counterpart (starz). Could not stop watching...
Inside Bill's Brain: Decoding Bill Gates