How do you get featured on Product Hunt?

Recently, I've seen more and more products by fellow makers didn't get featured on ProductHunt's homepage. It is really a huge disappointment when all of us worked hard on our products and spent lots of time preparing for our launch, only not to be featured at the end of the day and left unnoticed. I did ask ProductHunt team about this, and they get back to me saying: "Not all products that are posted appear on the homepage." and pointed me to this article here: So based on what I understand from the article, no matter how good your project is, if the ProductHunt team didn't like your project, it will not get featured, as they are all curated by them. While I'm sure that ProductHunt has an experience team in filtering which product is good enough to be featured, it's left us with a big question mark. That is, what criteria that ProductHunt team is looking for when filtering and handpicking products to be featured? Which features that they like on a product? What kind of products? What category? Is there any guideline or tips? There is guide on "How To Launch on ProductHunt" posted a while ago: . So, hopefully ProductHunt team can make another guide on "How To Get Featured on ProductHunt". ###### UPDATE ###### Just received an info from one of PH team members saying that they no longer curate the products manually and it is all depends on the algorithm now. The article above has also been updated. Unfortunately, there is nothing much that we can do as nobody knows how the algorithm exactly works


Rauno Metsa
Yeah, it definitely is disappointing to not get featured when you've worked hard on your product. I've too launched several projects without reaching the front page. It probably helps to build an audience before the launch, but I guess there's really no guarantee (like with anything in life, hah!) to getting featured. I also believe that as PH curates this as they need to make sure the frontpage looks interesting to the community. Which makes sense. But yeah, if there are any tips to get featured, it would be fun to hear them!
Ryzal Yusoff 🇬🇧🇲🇾
@raunometsa Yes that is true, building an is audience definitely helpful for your launch! But sadly, eventhough you have enough audience upvoting you and commenting on your product, you might still not get featured. I've seen this happened many times, and nobody has a clue what's going on 😬
Fajar Siddiq
Thanks would love this discussion
Rahman Abdul
I agree with you that It is very difficult to feature on the home page. I have recently launched my product on the product hunt but it is not featured and I am very much disappointed. I have one doubt can anyone give suggestion on that? Can a product can be featured even after the product is launched. because I have launched my product but I want to be featured in the product hunt.
Ryzal Yusoff 🇬🇧🇲🇾
@rehaman I understand how you feel and that is exactly why I open up this discussion. And regarding your question, I've seen a product get featured 1 day after it was posted so it possible. But I'm not sure it is possible if you product was posted more than 1 day though. Maybe ask PH team about this to confirm
Kesara Wimal
I have some products which are recently launched are not featured on the home page. I assume some of them worth to share throughout the community.
Kesara Wimal
@ryzalyusoff and I had a little discussion recently about this product and finally got chance to featured!
Ryzal Yusoff 🇬🇧🇲🇾
@kesara Yeah man, I'm glad that it finally got featured! Hopefully same luck will be on the side of other makers as well 🙏
Paul Costes
being featured or not features seems completely arbitrary and a terrible experience from the perspective of someone launching a project here, especially given the amount of preparation that goes into it. Id go so far as to say its probably not worth the effort unless you know an insider who can guarantee you will be featured.
Matthew Kuzmin
Hey Ruzal Totally on the same page, I had exactly the same problem with my today launched. I want to do my best in order to be upvoted but It's difficult to understand what exactly should I do)) Maybe you guys can support us and I can share my insights later on
This is a completely opaque rule. PH deceives ordinary entrepreneurs to submit their projects here and makes them desperately drive traffic from other social networks to PH, with the majority of them believing that they can compete fairly on the PH platform to gain rankings. However, they have already been predetermined and have no chance of being showcased. This is really disappointing.
Heleana Grace
Ahh, it's a bit gut-wrenching to only seeing this after I look up "why is my product not featured on PH" on launch day. I didn't know this was a thing.. @adityavsc what's the best way to go about getting the product featured?