How do you increase your productivity?

Hi Product Hunt, I often struggling to be consistently productive. And one of the ways that I improved my own productivity is by using a chrome extension that I made myself called Reader Mode. It helps me focus by removing clutter and ads from any articles whenever I read online, in which you can check out here 👉 I hope this can helps and benefits a lot of other people out there, the same way that it helps me. Apart from this, I would love to hear what other people did to increase their productivity and that way we could all learn together 😊🤗


Jeiman Jeya
Kudos to you @ryzalyusoff ! Amazing product you've created! Keep up the great work!
Fajar Siddiq
this tool really help me, my eyes!
Garet McKinley
The blatant self-promotion disguised as a community post lol. Congrats on the launch, but damn
Jerwin Joshuah
That's a nice tool you've got there. I guess its pretty similar to ad blocker chrome extension? I guess the best way to increase productivity setting goals for everyday, week or month. It's easier to measure when you're off track. Besides that, remind yourself of why you've started and what you want to achieve. Finally, use tools that help you improve productivity by simplifying your work flow. For example, @clariti :)
Anuj Mishra
When it comes to enhancing productivity, different solutions can work for different people. While some people feel more productive at the office, others might feel at their best when working from home. Personally, our team has to manage hundreds of customer issues and requests that come in from multiple channels. We use the tool - Proprofs Help Desk ( to automate a significant proportion of our work and cater to more customers in a time-crunched work environment. Customer service teams that wish to enhance their productivity should surely give this tool a try.