Who's launching a productivity product this week?

Pawan Kumar
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Mateusz Goleń
We are starting to launch our product management tool https://taagly.com tomorrow. We will prepare a special 60% discount lifetime for product hunters. Taagly redefines the concept of task tagging in projects. By default, the tagging module functions as an add-on, often deeply hidden, so it is difficult to use its potential. For Taagly, task tagging is the key to more efficient management, so it has been made the main tool that is always at your fingertips. All your feedback will be very helpful for us. Thank you in advance!
i've already launched !ThemeMockup https://thememockup.com , here you can find tousands App UI Kits, Free Font and Free Icon for your project, cheeersss
We recently launched Workweek, check it out and let me know what you think! Workweek lets you keep track of important tasks, so you can get more done each week and stay in control along the way. Workweek task manager website: Workweek - Keep projects on track. Get it done ✅
Pawan Kumar
@workweekapp @vandeveire Hey Michiel. Awesome. I'll check it out. Thanks :)
Jevin Sew
I recently launched SubscriptionZero. It allows you to combine all your newsletters into a weekly digest. What’s different from other solutions is that SubscriptionZero NEVER asks any email permissions whatsoever. Check it out and let me know if you have any questions.