Keep track of important tasks and get more done each week ✅

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Workweek lets you keep track of important tasks, so you can get more done each week and stay in control along the way.

Do great things together

Invite your colleagues and increase team productivity. You'll get to see their tasklist so everything stays clear for everyone. Each and every workweek.

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Yo! Design on this is amazing. Did you do it yourself?
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@nickchuckwalter Thank you Nick. Those beautiful illustrations were drawn by an illustrator from Sri Lanka. Some of her work is available for sale: Logo design and Webdesign done by me 👍
@vandeveire Ahhh very nice. Like very impressed by site

It's really simple to use, keeps track of your productivity.


Design is really cool. Love it!


No Mac/iOS/Android apps yet, would be cool

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Interesting @vandeveire - what have you built here? What sets you apart from all the other similar tools? What's your vision moving forward?
@samrye_enspiral Hey Sam 👋 First of thanks for your interest in Workweek. Let me get started by explaining how Workweek came to be. Every monday morning at work we have a scrum type meeting, where each team member talks about what they accomplished the previous week and what their main tasks are for the upcoming week. This increases our productivity since we know what everyone is doing and we can help each other out where needed. Most of us had our weekly tasks listed down in notes or in an email or even on paper just for the meeting. It wasn't ideal. I built Workweek to improve this process, each team member can quickly add their weekly tasks using the super simple web-app. Tasks are stored forever and nicely grouped by week. Providing our team a birds-eye view of each members important ongoing (and past) tasks at all times. Not just during the monday morning meeting. While there are many task management tools out there: Asana, Basecamp, Jira, Trello, the list goes on... those can co-exist with Workweek. Look at Workweek as the "I want to know what everyone is doing real quick" tool. While Jira (for example) holds all the granular information. Workweek has been very helpful at work, so I wanted to see if the tool might be helpful to other people as well. Anyone who wants to keep track of important tasks can now do so easily. Depending on user feedback the tool will advance in the future. My employer has been very supportive of this side project and is gracefully providing hosting. This allowed me to open up Workweek to the world at the amazing price of 0$ aka it's free.
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