How can I drive more Social and Referral traffic to my website?

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Hello Makers, I'm new to Product Hunt and joined because I need some advice on how to optimize my website traffic. At the moment 88% of my traffic originates from organic search according to Google Analytics. In comparison to that only 8% comes from the Refferal channel and nearly nothing (0.2%) is Social traffic. When I recently scrolled thrue flippa I noticed that many of the listed websites have about 60% of their traffic come from these channels. So while my page is already ranked quite well in the Google Search I think there is a still a large room for improval. Do you have any advice for me how I can archieve that? I thought about opening up a account on some social media channels, writing an article or guest post (preferably on Medium) or launch my website on different online platforms such as PH. What are your experiences? Is a Facebook page still worth it? Does a launch on PH lead to a strong backlink? I should also mention that my page is a 3d file converter. Therefore I don't really see a point in doing e.g. instagram. Or what should an article be about then? File conversion? A bit trivial, isn't it? I hope that I didn't ask too many questions (as you can see I'm not experienced in marketing). I would be glad if you could share some of your personal experience and give me some guidence. Thanks! Some key data: url: age: 6 months avg. montly visitors: 10k avg. monthly impressions: 60k marketing: none (till now)


Maria Ruocco
HI 👋🏻! Being well ranked is a great advantage… you are working well! We are, however, in a situation where most of the traffic is generated by social networks. The choice of social media depends on the target market and the type of business (for example for b2b, Instagram is not so effective at the beginning). As for the use of social media, we try to attract attention without pressure. In the official profiles, we talk about the product and the updates we make. On our personal profiles instead, we try to talk about the things we learn, we share tips or articles useful to the people who follow us. This is useful for building trust in the people behind the project. So the advice I would like to give you is: find strategies that allow you to attract attention for reasons other than the product and will inevitably be attracted to you. Make it clear in your personal description that you are the founder of a startup and indicate the site. Continue every day. And you will see results. One of the people who gives me very useful advice in this field is @borjasolerr . Surely he can add something 🔥 Good luck, Maria
Eren Geridonmez
I think you are doing a great job with your site ranking on Google. In my opinion social media is a long term game and it takes some time for people to drive traffic to their websites. When you have a big following on your social media accounts, you will be thankful for the day you started them. My advice is be consistent with uploading content on your social media accounts because that's how people will be able to find you.
Austin Marks
I am inclined to agree with Eren, always slap on social to your product, I never hurts unless you are draining a ton of your time into it.
Julia Clarks
It looks like you may put more effort to social networks. Introduce more content there and it won't keep you waiting for refs.