Share one fun thing you have planned for the weekend 🥳

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I am going to a friend’s engagement party at a cocktail bar to celebrate - very excited for that! What is one fun thing you have planned for the weekend?


Raj Bhatt
Catching up with friends and playing some video game :P
Calum Webb
This weekend I'll be working upon community support for PH and celebrating my 19th birthday 🎉 Definitely a special birthday with that combination 😊
Videocall with friends from abroad! Great friendships need maintenance 🧡
Tejas Lodaya
Go out on a roadtrip with friends.
I'll be doing some sweet XC/trail riding 🚵‍♂️
Going to Cologne, Germany to spend a day with @lizadixon and hopefully get a chance to see @mayapolarbear 🐶☁️🤞
Annie Cute
Enjoying the sunshine!
Ahmed Hefnawi
Documenting an old build log for an open Isothermal Calorimeter which was used in a PhD thesis at my university =)
Elaine Vydra
Catching up on PRODUCT HUNT! I'm cereal. If I dive in at work, I can lose three hours in what seems like three minutes. ;-p Love you guys!
Michael Aubry
Rented bikes. Going to explore Coronado island here in San Diego
Sohaib Nadeem
Well, I do have a picnic to attend with my work colleagues.
Dhruv Bhatia
Gonna watch the Arsenal v Spurs game with friends :)
@dhruv_bhatia Whose side are you on? 👀
Jen Nordhem
Interviewing users on the V1 of my Prototype. And going to the Farmers Market in between interviews. :)
Tracy M
Re-decorating a bedroom in my home - painting, changing flooring, molding - it's a much needed upgrade.