What's your fave web browser?

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Tell us why it's your fave in the comments after you vote.


For anyone who is not aware: Brave is a chromium browser (so it works the same way, supports all your extensions, etc) but has built-in tracker and ad blocking. To top it off, you can choose to watch Brave ads (only if you want) and get paid for it.
Sohaib Nadeem
I do prefer chrome to others. However, Google stealing data is something that makes me want to throw it out.
@thesohaibkhan same, I’ve been thinking of switching to Brave for browsing and I also set up Proton Mail. Now I’m trying to work out how long it take me to phase out Gmail and google drive from my personal life. Feels like years 😬
Sohaib Nadeem
@abadesi Could not agree more. We are so much into it it feels like its a part of a body detached from us. It will take years to be Gmail/Google-Free!
Dalal Al Dilaimi
@thesohaibkhan wait what? They steal your data? Enlighten me! Lol
Sohaib Nadeem
@deepreneur in some situations its on you because you hit allow and well, they get the go ahead. Other than that I had a senior dev telling me about the stealing. I haven't gotten to know that but yes Google does collect your data without your consent on numerous occasions.
Steve Lou
I've switched to Firefox because I realized that Chrome sucks so much RAM... I didn't know about Brave until now, excited to try it out!
Brave. I won swag (Intel Gamer Days and Brave and BAT swag) by clicking one of the ads in their browser (that I was already getting paid crypto for)!!! :D
Sarah Loertscher
I love Brave but I mostly use Chrome 🙄 I think I just need to commit to the move and add all the bookmarks, extensions etc.
Mandy Fong
I like to use Firefox for the extensive use of extensions (haha). I use several browsers, but on mobile (iOS), Chrome doesn't allow the use of extensions. I've previously used Opera before and ran into some bugs. Safari is alright as a Macbook user but lacks the connectivity of a Google browser.
Vivek Nair
Chrome, despite how much memory it hogs!
Aline Tan
Always a Chrome fan!
Shraddha Srivastava
Big fan of Chrome despite of RAM issues.
Dmitry Kotlyarenko
Google Chrome. This is my favorite a more simple, secure, and faster web browser than ever.
Duncan McClean
It's Chrome, however I've been using Brave for the past few months and it seems to be working great for me!
David A. Lindahl
Firefox - fast, not for profit, feature packed and privacy first. Plus with competition, consumers win... and there's not any challenges left to face off against Chromium
Alex MacGregor
Chrome. While resource heavy, with Google integration, it's still the best.
Christina Luo
Brave: faster browsing speed, no (re-targeted) ads or trackers (ideal for booking flights). Privacy feels like the default.
Eugen Esanu
Firefox over Chrome. Firefox is the best when it comes to customizing your web browsing experience. But if you are on Mac, it's a sin not to use Safari
Corinna Keefe
I love the DuckDuckGo privacy browser for mobile. Still trying to find the right browser for privacy + functionality on desktop!
Alex Andrews
Recently switched to Firefox on all devices - Win 10, Mac and iOS. Using Facebook Container and Privacy Badger which are both great. If anything breaks or doesn't work for whatever reason I jump over to Chrome for that one site. Also using Duck Duck Go wherever possible but sometimes you just can't beat Google for an answer!
Thiago Sardim
I often use opera and chrome