Is email marketing dead?

Mae Woods
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Personally I have seen a huge decrease in conversion rates from email marekting campaigns. Are others seeing the same trend?


Siddharth Kaushik
No not at all. Have you heard the phrase ‘Money is in the list’, Yes its true, For Companies like Amazon and Overstock email lists are the most valuable assets when it comes to the marketing. It also depends on the which Email Marketing platform you are using. I am the founder of Mailupnext and our clients are getting very good results. Give it a try.
Zeeshan Sheikh
Mass marketing is a hit and miss. We’ve used personalized emails to drive engagement and re-orders.
Mae Woods
@zxed what tool are you using for email marketing?
Zeeshan Sheikh
@maewoods the problem here is the word "marketing". We use email to engage out customers,. closer to when they are ready to re-order. High pro-active customer service and satisfaction leads to referrals,. which leads to new customers. Significant increase in LTV, Significant decrease in CAC - While we do sometimes do seasonal paid marketing - our trending CAC trends dow.
Zeeshan Sheikh
@maewoods one can check in with customers., actively clientele them and help drive reorders - or you can spam the crap out of them with non-personalized campaigns., which will result in lower conversion and high unsubscribed....
I find emails are still a great way to drive traffic to a destination. I experiment with subject lines and formatting to increase click - throughs.
Ryan Hoover
Like everything: it depends. Unlike social platforms like Twitter and Facebook, email subscribers are arguably far more valuable than a follower as you have far more control/portability and reliability in the channel. While Gmail might make a big change that affects visibility and the end user experience, you're not dependent on that single platform and they make far fewer changes than the algorithmic shifts we see every frequently elsewhere.
Mae Woods
@rrhoover I agree that subscribers are much more valuable than followers. I do feel that email marketing has become saturated and not as powerful as it used to be but as you mentioned a presence on multiple platforms seems make up for it.
Stephen Co
It works if you have a good list. Not one that you purchase online.
Hannes Johnson
I found this discussion because I received an email 😉 Just one example of how email marketing is still one of the channels available to engage with your users. Segmentation and personalized/tailored messaging is the smart way to increase engagement rates.
Characa Rosandi (Chachi)
No. I didn't write the following article, but it's a comprehensive read on email marketing (the rates of return, why it's a good investment, and how to do it effectively. Hope you enjoy it because I learned a thing or two from reading it:
If you are doing a carpet booming then email marketing is recipe for disaster, but precise & personalize email works like a charm.
Chirayu Akotiya
I have been using email marketing as the most successful channel for lead gen and engagement for over 8 years now. Never have I felt that it's nearing an end. It depends on a number of factors: Quality of recipients, email content, followups, delivery, bounces, opens, etc. If you need any help setting up your email marketing/engagement channels, let me know. I'm happy to help.
Vinish Garg
Not really. Marketers still invest in their list building by sharing a variety of public and gated content. Email marketing has certainly evolved over last few years, from direct selling with a CTA to connecting with audience for the branded trust oriented stories. Curation is still working if done strategically, as I am a regular reader of so many newsletters - Hustle, Medium editorial, Quartz, McKinsey, CB Insights, and many more... and these are of great value. Brands should also give additional value in their marketing emails, for whatever may interest to their audience. So, an upcoming webinar is fine, but some industry experts' latest podcast, a research report, or a new lifestyle brand launch in the same email gives a full-cycle value to subscribers.
Ruben Lozano
Not at all. I think that today more than ever email marketing plays a very important role with the rest of the conversion channels. I don't see a company focusing only on a channel like email marketing or leaving it aside. I think it should be integrated into the conversion strategy as with the other channels. In one of my projects I had a high conversion rate to be an ecommerce (5.50%). However, the volume of traffic that can get is not as high as can be expected from other channels like SEO or PPC. In another project, it was not very relevant and was not useful to convert since it was a B2B and only helped as a communication channel. However, although we had all the trackings in place to identify the actions through that channel, the user ended up calling his/her account manager by phone to discuss the offer he had read in the email. Very interesting and curious. But I think he is not dead at all. It is just knowing if it is the right one and the type of actions that you have to carry out to make it a good conversion channel. :)