How do you protect children on Youtube?

Mae Woods
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I don't believe that a total ban on Youtube is the answer, but it seems likes no matter what you do children will come across inappropriate videos


download youtube kids, that is the latest update from youtube
@gundeep_singh1 Even with Youtube Kids there is still a chance that your child will come across inappropriate content. They could even come across Ad's that are inappropriate and Youtube wants parents about this.
@maewoods i think you need to have a look at their app first because if youtube is making something targeting the younger audience so obvyo they will be taking care off al the ads and stuff
Just Launched!
Hi Mae! I know this is an older question but I worried a lot about this and that's one of the reason I made my app. It helps kids feel like they have their own channel so they spend more time creating and it's all local to the device. Would love for you to check it out!