Is no one working on a simple, affordable Team Social Media Engagement platform?

Paul O'Brien
2 replies
Have been looking for ages for a social media tool that is NOT listening, scheduling, and all that other typical stuff. Want something simple: social media posts, from the team, are recorded and then other team members are prompted to (and accounted for) engaging on those posts - retweeting, liking, sharing, commenting, etc.


Dave Liao
@seobrien_mediatech have you asked this anywhere else (Reddit?) and gotten any responses? Curious what your use case is - are you thinking of a less expensive HootSuite?
Paul O'Brien
@daveliao I've been asking this for years, all over the place. Surprises me so much that there isn't anything, that I'm chewing on the idea of putting some developers through our incubator and building it. Every time I ask, people say they want it... Even HootSuite is too much; and thus too expensive for this piece at scale. Say you have 200 employees and all you want to do is enable them all to EASILY know when a company post is on social media, and foster their engagement. That's it. Emailing it to everyone doesn't cut it... no one acts on such emails and eventually they get ignored. Another platform doesn't cut it, requires everyone use the other platform. Strikes me as something in Slack, Google Apps (in Gmail), or some such.