Does Product Hunt do anything to promote Collections?

Paul O'Brien
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They're called "My collections" on Product Hunt but then people also have the option to Follow Them. From time to time, I've shared some Collections thinking the experience might be a valuable way for others to follow specific lists of new products or startups... and then it dawned on me that I've never seen Product Hunt actually promote that anyone follow the collections. No big deal, I just always sort of assumed my collecting things was to help others; not sure I'll collect as much if the collections are never shared in any way so that anyone actually finds them.


Calum Webb
Hey Paul, Collections can be found both on your own profile and on the Collections page with the most popular (most followed) collections being displayed there. As new collections start trending or collections for a news-worthy topic are created, we do also ocassionally share these on Product Hunt's social media.
Maxwell Davis
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I've also found them quite static - and quite a few of them on the collections page are outdated from what I can tell. I've created my own that's ended up as a placeholder for products that I think will help with our launch early next year 😀
Paul O'Brien
Founder, MediaTech Ventures
@maxwellcdavis My sense is they end up being static because if no one is going to be informed to follow collections, there isn't much reason for the creators collecting to keep them going, besides personal desire.