Anyone knows a good hand lotion? My hands are getting super dry from washing them so often ugh

Simone Zienna
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Been working on retail for ages, I had my hands so dry that they were almost bleeding. Use Neutrogena or Decubal. They are great.
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@michael_andreuzza Cool thank you!
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You are very welcome @simonemeta !
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I am not sure if it is possible for delivery but Trader Joe's midsummer night's cream has been great. Eucerin makes great products.
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I personally use various hand lotions/creams designed for sensitive skin, with a nice light fragrance (yummy!)...don't know if you'll like the fragrance part of it though lol~ Plus they are more expensive but if you do like light fragrance and willing to pay more, I can offer some other suggestions too. Assuming you prefer less fragrance than I do, I suggest Glysomed hand cream for budget-friendliness. Quite moisturizing while at the same time not sticky to the hands. When I ran out of my usual hand creams and need lotion on the spot, I'd grab Glysomed available at any general convenience store. Nowadays, you can order Glysomed online :)