Do you prefer driving or walking?

Simone Zienna
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I gotta admit I’m pretty lazy when it comes to walking so I tend to take my car even for short distances 😅


Austin Marks
Thanks for asking, I like skating... but someone stole my skateboard so now I walk.
Una Vidaković
I do the same thing! I know that it's horrible for the environment and it's not doing anything for my health but I do plan to change that in the future
Michael Andreuzza
Walking, all the way. Actually, when I was living in Spain I had 2 cars, one for normal use and the other for the surfboards, most if the time I walked or the bike. Since I moved to Finland, I walked even more. I haven't even taken the car in a whole year, with snow, rain, sun. It's amazing. Looking forward to it, i feel better mentally and physically Let's throw our cars away..
Simone Zienna
@michael_andreuzza Wow that's great Michael! Throwing away my car is gonna take a while but I'll definitely try to walk more 💪
Design with Phoenix 🕊
Walking a max of 2 - 3 miles or a bus ride in one direction
Victor Andrews
For short distances I'd rather walk anytime possible.
I prefer walking or using a bike
Simone Zienna
@andrefuchs I'm thinking of getting a bike too, any suggestions on what to ride in the city?
David McGraw
Walking. I love to take in the atmosphere around me whether it's walking around a neighborhood river or a big city. I love the fresh air and being able to slow down to take in details. I love being able to throw a 'good morning!' to a fellow walker on this rock. If I drive I want to have fun (own a nice car w/ just over 1k miles), but I often let my wife deal with driving. <3 :)
Renato Barba
Walking, as I often drift away in thoughts
Veronika Cervenakova
I like both but sometimes if i just want to feel freedom i go for a night drive
Jun Gong
Walking - a long (~30 mins) quite solo walk helps me think.
Mark Lense
I like to travel by transport, but I'm already a little tired of this and would like to buy my own car in order to move around the city and go to nature. Recently, a friend of mine advised me to read so that I can consult and help me choose a car for myself based on the needs that I have. I hope that I can buy a car this year, it would make me very happy.
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eva elfie
I do the same thing! I know that it's horrible for the environment and it's not doing anything for my health but when I want to drive so I play this game
Zandar Zandariec
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Shahroz Ali
now a days i prefere driving because it will boost my confidence to learn from root level as i have recently joined to get this skill.