How do you get users to provide feedback on your product? I have tried multiple things with no luck.

Gokul NK
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I am having a hard time getting feedback from the users on my product. I am not sure if I am doing something wrong or if users are generally not forthcoming in giving their feedback. Looking forward to your experience and some suggestions. I am working on a product called learning paths. This product helps users to capture micro-context while reading online. Gives you ability select important parts on a page, tag and add notes to them, persist these so that they are highlighted for you next time you visit the page, search all your annotations from a single dashboard. I am using this personally and have created more than 1500 highlights in the last nine months. This has improved my workflow so much and because of this I am able retain so much of what I Read. However I am not able to communicate the same to other people. I have failed miserably at this as I have not been able to get more than 500 downloads till. Do you have any suggested regarding how you can convey this? If you want to give it a try check out. If you want to check out my public highlights, visit Just create an account if you want to create your own private highlights. I am looking forward to feedback of other makers.


Gokul NK
Just to give more info these are the things I have tried. 1. Added drift to our dashboard. Uses ask for queries when they are new. Once they start they rarely give feedback. 2. Sent mailers to active users. The open rate is decent but none provided you feedback. One good thing is they are using the system. 3. Started writing blogs on medium hoping that users might interact there. But none. Do you think paying users to provide feedback might help?
I used the Intercom + Coda integration in a bottom-right expanded notification and it really worked. I collected around 200 pieces of feedback from our users that validated some of my assumptions while warning about the wrong ones. I think the key here is to really simplify the process, maximize the visibility and last but not least, write good copy to engage your users. I hope that helps! :-)
Gokul NK
@srtena Thank you. I had checked out Intercom and Coda. Will consider integrating it. Thanks for the feedback.
João Paulo
Hi Gokul! Hope you are doing well! By reading your text I believe that you have more than 1 problem in my opinion. 1st - You are not getting enough downloads in your product. This could be due to a lot of factors. - Maybe your product marketing is not that good - Maybe you are not communicating the problem you are solving very well - Maybe your funnels are not that good for some reason - Or maybe your product does not solve people problems To the 3 first problems you can measure a lot of stuff and use A/B tests to try to figure out what is happening. To my last hypothesis you should ask yourself (and maybe some of your users) what problem are you solving? At the end of the day people will only use it what make their life easier and sometimes what is a problem to you is not a problem to a lot of people. One other thing I would like to ask is how good is your 2nd week retention? How many people who have downloaded/installed your product are really using it and coming back? This is a good metric to understand if you are really solving people problems. Considering that you don't have any of the above problems and your major problem is that people really don't answer you anyway, you should think about how to uncover feedback without them talking to you first: numbers! Try to define and look weekly to some numbers that will tell you a history. After this, try to use different tools to measure and understand your users, as HotJar or FullS Story for example. And then, when you have the understanding of their behaviour try a more "intrusive" approach: maybe drift or intercom with auto message after they perform some action inside your product or even some "hello bar" on the top of your site to ask for feedback. Hope I've helped you anyway, good luck :D Cheers!
Gokul NK
@joaopvilla Thanks for the detailed answer and suggestions. I guess we will have to take a look at all the three suggestions. We are tracking some goals using Google analytics. Might be time to get HotJar and FullStory integration as well. Do you have any preference between these two?
Gokul NK
@joaopvilla Thanks for the detailed answer and suggestions. I guess we will have to take a look at all the three suggestions. We are tracking some goals using Google analytics. Might be time to get HotJar and FullStory integration as well.
Pruthvi Haral
Users are not usually very forthcoming with giving feedback. You might have better luck if your product has many paying users and they want to give feedback on what features they want. But for early stage products, there is no such lock-in. What has worked for my past products is to give some kind of incentive e.g. Amazon gift card worth $25 for 30 mins of interview.
Boris Tea
You can join Capterra & G2 Crowd - they provide reviewers with $10 Amazon Gift cards (and some other gift cards) for each review, and they do it just for uploading your list of clients. We also offer free, lifetime, (almost) 24/7 support - that helped us to get loyal customers who left review as a 'thank you'.
Douglas Souza
I strongly recommend
Siddharth Kaushik
Hey the best way to collect to feedback from your users is to send emails. You can also send weekly emails to update them about your product. You can for sending bulk emails.
Fabian Maume
There are few things you can try: Use Phantombuster to connect with people over LinkedIn and ask for feedback. Use SatisMeter to display some survey within the app. Use FeedBear to create let the user curate your roadmap. Use Smartlook to see how people interact with your landing page (not sure that you can embed it in your chrome extension so it will be only for you landing page).