Tips for getting boring essential tasks done?

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Hi Makers. I keep putting off administrative tasks like filing expenses or checking accounting stuff. Do you have tips for boring tasks you need to get done, that can't be outsourced without considerable effort?


Hanna Barzakouskaya
If I have an opportunity I prefer to better postpone something I don't want to do right now. If a task doesn't depend on the mood, I book an appointment it means that I won't have a chance not to do it. Or book time in my calendar if a task doesn't require other people. It like a deal but just with myself. What're your tips and tricks?
@anna_panchenko I try to block out time, too. And I agree its best to work when you're in the right mood/flow state. But there are some tasks I can never find my flow state for! I do try to delegate and automate some things, I also will try to do these tasks first thing in the morning on the weekend when my brain is fresh but no work stuff is on the horizon, or at the end of the work day with a podcast in the background so I don't feel like I'm completely wasting time.
Alex Devero
I like to apply "5 minut" rule. When there is a task I don't want to do, I will tell myself that I will work on it just for 5 minutes. This will make it easier to start. Once I start, I will usually get into flow, forget that 5-minute limit, and work on that task for much longer.
Dhruv Bhatia
Thank you for asking this question! This is what I struggle with every single day. What helps is breaking the tasks into absolute minute chunks and using Trello / Asana / any other tool you like to keep track. What has really helped me is starting really small on the first day after struggling - just do maybe 4 total tasks in the day, then feel great as I accomplish them and gradually keep adding more tasks with every passing day.
Michael Andreuzza
If I can, I do them first. Other wise is just to get them done.
I have two solutions for that: 1- Start the Boring tasks right after a good moment of relaxations (after a good moments with friends in the coffee or watching my favorite TV show..) because I have a good moral and I still have energy for that. 2- I add multiple breaks time in between. My golden rule is when I start boring tasks I absolutely have to finish them in the same day, so that I will not think about them anymore and drain my energy :) Have fun !