Cookbook suggestions 👨‍🍳

Steven Male
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A bit off-topic to building startups that are going to change the world, but what cookbooks/websites are your favourite? Looking for some inspiration! 😍


Anna Melkova
I follow several youtube channels (in Russian). One of them is Webspoon.
Gab Bujold 💀
"A cookbook" by Matty Matheson. Otherwise I like "Binging with Babish" and "You suck at cooking".
Steven Male
@bujold19 Love the name of that cookbook 😂 Dam it looks beautiful, thanks for the share! Also 'you suck at cooking' 😂 Such good names.
Gab Bujold 💀
@stevenmale_ Yeah! And the cooking techniques of these guys are really interesting. You suck at cooking is more funny than impressive, but you can still learn a few things.
Austin Marks
Wellllllll .... Seeing that we will be adding recipes, from a database, and user submissions I nominate my own company ( LOL