How do you deal with the FOMO from seeing so many awesome startups & ideas?! 🤔✨

Steven Male
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Hey team! I love everything to do with startups. I find myself launching new things frequently since I love building different things in different industries so much. Now I did stick with starting, building and recently selling a marketing agency over the last 7-years so I don't have commitment issues 😂 but I do find myself recently jumping from project to project. Do you get FOMO from seeing so many cool business models and ideas? How do you overcome it? Or do you just release the inner feelings and have found a way to earn money while starting a whole bunch of stuff? 😂😍


Gabriel Bujold
You could start a side-hustle. It's a great way to focus on an idea without going 100% into it. Or start working at a startup and get equity on it. 😎
Steven Male
@bujold19 Great ideas Gabriel! Love the idea of a side-hustle with a semi-fixed amount of time per week 😍