Name a place you've never visited but would love to go

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Mine is Iceland. Curious to hear yours.


Dan Edwards
Iceland is unreal, go go go! I really want to visit New York, and hopefully will within the next couple of years :)
@de The Big Apple is a must! One of my fave cities I enjoy it more every time I go.
Brendan Weinstein
@de @abadesi Come hang! NYC could use a Producthunt offsite weekend! @rrhoover ? Personally, I'm with you Dan - I Gotta get to Iceland.
Borneo, the home of the Orangutan! 😊
@yapartase Yes! That would be so cool. I've seen it in many documentaries.
@yapartase Have you ever seen an orangutan IRL?
@abadesi Same. David Attenborough FTW! 😎 Haven't seen one IRL yet, and I don't fancy seeing one in captivity 🥺
Madison Taskett
@yapartase I've been, it's great! I thought Kuching was a fun little city and recommend visiting that area of Borneo and taking some day trips to longhouses and national parks (and of course the orangutans) :) People are really kind, food is amazing, and there's tons to see. Go!
Michael Andreuzza
Rapa day will happend
@michael_andreuzza I had to Google that to work it out - that would be epic. How long would it take you to travel there from where you are?
Michael Andreuzza
Hey @abadesi , according to ( put 5h more because i need to get to Finland's main land, just because I live in the Aland islands and I need to take a 5h boat trip ) Distance from Chile to Finland is 13,800 kilometers. The air travel (bird fly) shortest distance between Chile and Finland is 13,800 km= 8,575 miles. If you travel with an airplane (which has average speed of 560 miles) from Chile to Finland, It takes 15.31 hours to arrive. And according to Answer: The average Santiago, Chile to Easter Island flight time is 5 hours and 25 minutes. Question: How far is Easter Island from Santiago, Chile? Answer: The distance from Santiago, Chile to Easter Island is 3,749 kilometers (2,330 miles). I am also a surfer, like @dhruv_bhatia so i guess is our call
Iceland & Switzerland! 😻
@rahulmfg Niiice! Would you go to Switzerland in winter or summer?
@unrealartemg Great choice! I am thinking of starting a Japan savings pot so I can work my way up to making an epic trip there in the next few years. I have visited Tokyo before but back in 2012 and would love to see Kyoto and other places. Where are you most interested in going in Japan?
Phillip Martin
@unrealartemg great shout, was in Tokyo a couple of years ago visiting a friend who was working fro Adroll over there. Great, great city. Interestingly if I remember correctly its actually rude to tip there, maybe @abadesi can confirm or deny?? Also being Irish have an interest in the Rugby World Cup that is happening there in October.
Iceland and Faroe Islands
Dhruv Bhatia
I've been to Iceland, and it's awesome. Would love to visit Tahiti
@dhruv_bhatia Ooh la la Tahiti! What would you do there?
Dhruv Bhatia
@abadesi I used to surf when I was much younger and in California. Now I'm just old and scared, and I would spend time like an old man on the beach :)
Are you preparing a new traveling services ? :) that would be awesome!
@aboubakr_mekhatria Product Hunt Travel Agency? We could be Kitty Kouriers. Maybe! haha
Douglas Souza
Montreal 🇨🇦😍
@8dsouza8 I've never been to Canada! Great suggestion. Have you been to other places in Canada?
Emile Patry Blenkiron
@8dsouza8 @abadesi Highly recommend Toronto if you're in tech! For landscapes, British Columbia and Alberta are my favourite regions.
Douglas Souza
@abadesi @emile_patry I lived in Toronto for a few months. What I most liked is the diversity there, I met a lot of people from different countries. Toronto is near Niagara Falls that is an amazing place to visit. I really recommend 😉
@ginette_paradis Great suggestion! Were you inspired by Red Bull ski and snowboard videos? I've watched so many filmed in Alaska I think it would be incredible to visit. There's also a part of it on the international date line, where Russia is across the sea.
Norway, to see the aurora borealis 😍
Anton Gup
Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps
Sahel Madani
@anton_gupalenko Now we're talking! Didn't think I'd see that answer here. Just visited Le Mans last year and what a sight it was
George Sutton
Paris! Love Paris! There is no city more beautiful than Paris!
Hanna Barzakouskaya
It was my dream from the early childhood to visit and stay to live in Never-never land
Joshua Tabakhoff
I'd love to visit Iceland, it looks like a relaxing place to live 😍
Lofoten (Norway) and rent one of those cute little red houses there.
Julie Chabin
I'd love to visit Japan!