Imagine a parallel reality where people can fly...

Hanna Barzakouskaya
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How then would such a civilization develop? When I'm thinking about it I see the houses where doors and windows are the same things. And also underdeveloped road infrastructure, no bicycles, and other vehicles. What's your best guess how the world would look like?


Dan Edwards
What an interesting thought! Having a world with no roads and pathways would be beautiful, but I guess we'd still have developed vehicles, since we could probably not fly where we want to get to quick enough, or have the energy to do so. Which leaves me with more questions... If we do have flying cars, what would that look like? How is it policed? Would we have to rely on public transport, since there'd simply be too many vehicles in the sky?
Hanna Barzakouskaya
@de I think people would create something to make their flight easier. You flap his wings using the flying device on your wings and fly instead of 6 meter - 26!
Dan Edwards
@anna_panchenko Oooh so we have wings? I wasn't sure if it was a wing-based system, or if we could just use some kind of "force" to fly - I guess anything could be possible here!
Ryan Hoover
This is a fun thought experiment. City planning would fundamentally change as transportation no longer becomes dependent on a 2D plane (i.e. the ground). This would introduce a lot of challenges in coordinating "roads in the sky" but also a lot more throughput/lower congestion (unless metropolitan city populations skyrocket well beyond their current boundaries). I welcome this future. 😊
Hanna Barzakouskaya
@rrhoover Wonderful illustration! I assume people would use navigation similar we use for aircraft. I like it.
Artem Galenko
Unfortunately, everything will be the same cause we are the people!
Hanna Barzakouskaya
@unrealartemg Maybe. At least elevators were not be invented and stairs. There's no need to use stairs if you can fly, right?
Peter Williams
You said no bicycles but I think it would go another way. What is the bicycle of flight? What contraption would we have made to bring similar efficiency to flapping/coasting/etc.?