What are you working on this week? (w/c 12 August)

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Hi Makers! Let's discuss what we're working on this week. We can keep each other motivated and maybe even help out. This week I'm focused on reaching out to high-profile celebs who are involved in the tech industry to interview them for Product Hunt radio. What are you working on?


Working on tomorrow's product launch on PH. Yikes! 🙀
Dhruv Bhatia
Working on launching by Thursday 🤓
@dhruv_bhatia nice! Is it your first PH launch?
Karming Chin
Working on a new feature for airbnb and trying to pitch them
Yusuf Giftworks
I'm working on a quiz where you can test your knowledge of the startup world. Would really love everyone's feedback on it. Thanks :)
Yusuf Giftworks
Here's the page: https://www.founderhill.com/expl.... On the page, click on 'Climb Mula Hill'. After you're done with the quiz and on the final page, click on the 'Feedback' button. That's the important bit.
Alex MacGregor
Working on the Android app, specifically, video api to connect web app.
Eluu Stanley Ogbonnia
work on how on building app that people can come and buy and sell
Tejas Lodaya
Working on our product this week. Just created a product page here.
Stas Kulesh
- Music Maker marketplace. - Time - Karmabot 2.0 - Cashbar app
Prateek Srivastava
just launched Mocklets v2.0 , now working on newsletter service to reach customers
Tem Nugmanov
Woo! Launched my first product Gloatt! Had no idea upvotes are so hard to get 😅
Dalal Al Dilaimi
Hi Abadesi. Good luck on reaching your goals for the week. Mine are (but not limited to): - Research no-code platforms - Watching videos on webflow university so I can build my first product - Find a new PT. Mine quit the gym I go to :( - Make a few phone calls and send follow up emails Have a productive week! 🎉
@deepreneur Did you see this discussion about no-code? You should ask away if it's helpful https://www.producthunt.com/make...
Louis Grenard
I started to work on the server features of http://2aud.io as I finished the design implementation.