What do you use to take notes?

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Paper + Pen


Pen and paper and a Google Sheets bullet list works for me.
@andrefuchs Thanks! Do you always bullet things out?
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Google Keep has been working pretty great for me!
@elen_u How do you organise it?
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@jesperbylund1 I just pin the most important notes to the top and sort the rest using different colors. Also, archive notes you no longer need instead of deleting them (and do so often).
@elen_u Cool, thank you!
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Notebook by Zoho (Work) and Notes from Apple (Home) for iCloud Sync across devices.
@ivinay Do you put specific things into one or the other? Or how do you find notes later?
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Notion is my go to :)
@romain_ouzeau Notion is great. :) Do you have a preferred setup?
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with pen and paper I can write just about anything; bullet points, flow charts, diagrams, prototype UIs, or tables. Except photos. I can't do photos.
@samandjanisallen I tried using iPad Pro + pencil so I could do everything. But I missed something from paper... How do you find stuff afterwards?
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@jesperbylund1 Yes, I too have tried the iPad Pro with Logitech Crayon and a "paper like" matt screen protector (forgot the brand, it was a loan pad) and I liked it a lot - it felt convincingly like actual pencil friction! I reverted to paper though since I can flip through a lot of pages quickly, or rip out notes and lay them all out on table together. However, if I want to keep a note book in one piece without ripping pages out and making it look like an artifact from a viking raid, I usually put keyword titles in the upper-right corner of the page. I can then flick through it (like those flip book animations) to find what I want. eventually.
@samandjanisallen That's really interesting! Thank you :) Great tip with the keyword!
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Pen & paper for sketching; Google Keep for to-dos; and our app Pointo for voice/audio notes, like a personal dictaphone thing.
@silvia_em Interesting, will check it out!