What's your favourite independent brand?

Dan Edwards
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I've always loved Ugmonk, and it's been great to follow Jeff's journey. Would love to hear about who your favourite indie brands are!


I'm a huge fan of Lazy Oaf they are always ahead of the game in every thing they do and their shop on Carnaby Street is so much fun to visit.
Mylène Larnaud
I really love Loom https://www.loom.fr/ (french brand for men), their motto is "Less but better". No collections, only intemporal, practical and sustainables clothes. For women/men, I'm fond of ArmedAngels https://www.armedangels.de/en/. Good ethic and really good products!
Johan Bavaud
Huge fan of Freitag (https://www.freitag.ch/en) in Switzerland, Magenta Skateboard (https://shop.magentaskateboards.com), YARDSALE (https://yardsale-xxx.com) and Toy Machine (http://toymachine.com/clothing.html) - founded by a great skateboarder - Ed Templeton - but not so sure it its indie. To name a few.
Dan Edwards
@johan_bavaud Nice collection! I remember Toy Machine from back in my skating days (15 years ago lol)!
Johan Bavaud
@de ... looking for the best spot, the best curb, the best handrail ... Using wax if it doesn't slide. Finish the day into the bowl beside the lake ... Start again the day after ...
Radhika Mohan Singh Roy
www.engagebay.com has got be right up there. Powerful, integrated business tool that takes of your marketing, sales, support requirements at a price that is a fraction of the biggies in the market.