What do you do when you need motivation?

Astha Sharma
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Sometimes it's easy to be discouraged or lose motivation in work, what are ways you get that back?


Johan Bavaud
Hi @astha_sharma Run like : "Look at that dude in a hurry to catch the bus, HEY, RUN FORREST RUN!" Then take a shower. And go back at work/make/create/develop. Hope this helps !
@astha_sharma my "flow tape" playlist from Spotify, huge earphones & cold Club Mate :)
Julie Chabin
@astha_sharma Having a healthy lifestyle helps for sure. When I lack motivation, I start my day with something small I can check off my to-do pretty easily. It usually motivates me and put me in a state of mind where I feel I can achieve things.
Kristina Liburd
@astha_sharma Sometimes it means listening to pump up music that makes me want to move; Other times its simply taking a break. Every once in awhile I just look to Beyonce as well and be like - well damn I got to get off my duff and do something :)
Dhruv Bhatia
@astha_sharma Just put on the trance playlist on Spotify and you're good to go :)
Louis Grenard
@astha_sharma I go for a walk by thinking of the next small chunk that I can iterate quickly. When I'm back home, I take a cold shower, then I stop thinking and just do the thing. Hours later I'm still there working. I believe the hardest part in such context is to get started.
Uplifting music helps! Or any type of movement - a walk outside, a sun salutation!
Andy Foley
Go to the gym. Listen to music. Meditate.
Talking to those in my life who really inspire me! I have a sticky note titled "Motivator Hotline" and it's a list of people I always can reach out too if I feel like I need to be doing better