What time of the day are you most productive?

Astha Sharma
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For me, sometimes I find myself not being able to do work until late at night. I feel like I am the most time efficient. What about you?


@astha_sharma Not at all an early bird, so late at night.
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@astha_sharma tried waking up early morning to work, but couldn't be as productive as during late night.
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@astha_sharma I found out today, that it is when I am on the train. I code, so there is no distractions (no wifi) which allows me to really code properly.
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@astha_sharma deffinetly in the morning (5:00am is my sweet spot)
@astha_sharma mornings FTW! Getting up at 5:30 made wonders for me 😊
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@astha_sharma Early morning is suitable for me.