What features would you like to have in Makers?

Tkachenko Arthur ~UA~
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For the last year, I'm using it and usually, it's more like a todo-list where I keep what I want to do. Each task takes more > 1 hour. Some task took 8 months for completion. I also trying to scroll the goals of other people and trying to help them. But most people are only tracking goal. not communicating or having fun. Example: a lot of people learning to code. Like, React. We also have a separated place. But when I reach them an tell that I can help them to learn to code - I have a low number of replies. I want to see Makers are more like a community, where people can not just see the progress of others, but also jump and really help.


@arthur_tkachenko Great question! I would love to see more discussions covering a broad range of topics. And see more discussions in the main feed. @de is working on some exciting stuff to help with this 😎
Chris Nash
@arthur_tkachenko I wouldnt ask for any other features personally. I'd like to see some doubling down on what exists. There's some really good stuff here, but its hampered by the UI/UX. I find myself clicking around in annoying patterns to find where I want to be. Ship, Projects and Makers are tightly linked in places and I get confused on which page I need to be to accomplish certain things. The Upcoming page is confusing because I thought it was Ship? But then it has goals, and is it live? Or can only I see it? I'm unsure the relationship between spaces and goals... Lots more just weird things a new person has to get up to speed with. And i'm a week in now and still learning. Anyway. I hope this does not seem like a complaint, I love PH and the community and everything thats been built.. But like I say, there's loads of great ideas here, I think they just need connecting and tidying up a little bit more before anything else is added.
Ferenc Forgacs
@arthur_tkachenko yeah, I'm using the goals almost the same way you do. Sometimes, when I go through other makers' goals I got confused about what kind of goals should I create (short, mid, or long-term). In most cases, I create short and mid-term goals and trying to keep my list as up-to-date as possible. I think that the audience of the Makers section of PH is a bit different than those who hit the homepage. Probably, most of the visitors are still makers themselves, but a huge amount of users come for the products, not for the community. It's also possible, that new makers who discover the site are not aware of the Makers section or the purpose of it. Maybe this part of the platform should be more different visually to target that specific audience. I know (almost) everyone hates Facebook, but I would use a similar approach here as the Facebook feed. Goals, discussions, projects listed chronologically after each other, you could "react" or leave a comment right from the feed. I would also add to the feed when a maker launched a project or left a comment somewhere. Anyway, I like this section of PH already, and it's getting better and better. We just have to keep using it :)