Looking for food tech projects that want to join forces

Tkachenko Arthur ~UA~
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I'm building modules for food tech projects. I tried to chat with owners of a few "hunted" products here, but don't get results so far from PH. Maybe you know someone? I can be a great ally and help people to move forward their ideas. I'm doing this current project for a last 2,5-3 years and have a lot of code that can help. Huge thanks!


@arthur_tkachenko Hmm... I wonder if there are any FB groups focused on this where you can try to find people?
Tkachenko Arthur ~UA~
@abadesi It can be definately. I tried twice to promote it in "stupid way" by contacting people and posting a same messages in different places, but it has very low convertion. Main issue: my code is not finished, because there always new feature to do waiting us on the next corner. So I trying to find someone that will review my "activity" and decide to collaborate with us for different reason. For example it can be a money reason