What to do when you actually lose your motivation?

Tkachenko Arthur ~UA~
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Inspired by this thread: https://www.producthunt.com/make... Let's explore what are you doing when you don't want to do anything. How do you fight back? Are you angry at yourself at this time? If I don't want to do something - I just don't do it. If I don't want to do anything - I'm laying on my bad and wait :) --- Another good lifehack. If you feel 'weak' here is my recipe 1) You need to purchase two chocolate bars (~ 150- 200g in total) 2) Big bowl with a tea You set a goal to yourself: `I'll do something when I eat one chocolate bar.` If it doesn't work - repeat with a second one


Galia G
@arthur_tkachenko life is just too short for losing motivation. This is the biggest motivation for me. If you feel you do not want to do something that you consider important - just go at an adult care center and see the people there - they had all their life to complete their goals, and now its over. I used to go to such a center to help the old people and this gave me a motivation for my whole life... Good luck on your projects :) !