How are you planning your upcoming travels?

Nikolay Siabrenko
4 replies
Currently, I just use Notion to keep all in one place - plans, expenses, tickets, booking, insurance. What apps are you using for manage, plan your trips, any suggestions?


Ryan Hoover
Take a look at Journy. Me and @suzywillow used it years ago when we were traveling to Europe.
Astha Sharma
@nikolay_siabrenko I'd love to know more apps as well! I just rely on Google for everything (traveling & attractions), and then Yelp for food. Another thing that really helps is seeing travel vlogs on the location on YouTube! It always gets me so excited for the place as well.
Anne-Laure Le Cunff
@nikolay_siabrenko I use Culture Trip to find ideas, Google Maps to add them to a list which I share with other people I'm traveling with. Hotel bookings and flights are automatically added to Google Calendar from Gmail. If it's a bit of a complex trip, I also create a shared Google Doc with the itinerary.