What is the meaning of 'build in public'?

Nikolay Siabrenko
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Hello, Makers :) Very often I see in tweets/articles that people recommend building products in public but how to do this? Can you give some tips on how to start to tell about your building process in the public if you have 0 followers?


Sharath Kuruganty
Hey Nikolay! Building in public is an open journey you go on with your audience. It's not necessarily tied to products. You can build courses, NFTs and do more in public. In simple words, you are sharing your progress, highs, lows, lessons, tips and being transparent to your audience. For people who have 0 audience, building in public is a great way to build one. It will take time but with consistency and authenticity, people will come to you. Some tips: 1. Share daily updates on what you are working on - this can include teasing with screenshots, steps you took to solve a specific problem, hacks you found etc. 2. Share lessons along the way - you will learn a lot while you do build your product so don't be shy in sharing them with others. That's value and people sense that. 3. Celebrate customers/users - one of the best ways to build an audience is to celebrate them so share who gave you feedback, who believed in you, who helped you. 4. Share your lows/failures - not every day will be an amazing day. Some time things didn't work out and those moments teach you more lessons. Share them with the public. 5. Share your numbers - it can be new signups, your MRR, paid customers etc Overall, I would say it's a long game to play and don't do it for short-term results. Happy to answer any specific questions.
Benjamin Grandfond
@5harath thanks for the tips! Where is the best place to post this kind of content? I believe that it depends of the type of content… How do you do that?