If you had to recommend one book to a fellow maker, what would it be?

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For me, it would have to be "Essentialism: The Disciplined Pursuit of Less" by Greg McKeown.


Has anyone read "The Art of the Start 2.0"?
@yapartase I really like The Hard Thing About Hard Things by Ben Horowitz. Describes the rollercoaster of founder life in a great way and still has a positive message. Also - if I'm allowed two - Mindset by Dr Carol S Dweck. I kept one in my bag every day in my first year working full time as a boostrapping founder.
Becky DeForest
@yapartase I recommend BADASS Making Users Awesome by Kathy Sierra, one badass maker herself!
Emerson Dameron
@yapartase Finite and Infinite Games by James Carse. A weird little book that will help you fixate less on #WINNING and discover deeper levels of creativity and usefulness.
Sarah Loertscher
@yapartase The Writing Life by Annie Dillard. This is more from an artistic slant (a writer writing about the process of writing), but I think it's a beautiful volume that offers a lot in terms of what goes into producing work (of any kind).
Noëlie Rx
@yapartase "The Boy Who Could Change the World" which is a book listing the writings of Aaron Swartz
Luu Dao
@yapartase The Lean Product Playbook by Dan Olsen :D
Mittul Desai
@yapartase I'd recommend checking out Principles by Ray Dalio. Very good book about decision making and the impact of methodical decisions on simplification of difficult circumstances.
Abraham Mast
@yapartase The War of Art by Steven Pressfield