Where do you get your best ideas, Product Hunt?

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My mind seems to be most creative while relaxing in the bathtub or sauna 🛀 😂


Gaurav Shrishrimal
For me watching tv series/videos/movies gives me most of the ideas, shows like Shark Tank, The Great Hack etc.
In the shower! Or while running/ at the gym.
Ashley Ball
A lot of ideas come from just observing life, talking to friends or watching movies. Ideas hit me when I least expect them too sometimes
Asep Bagja Priandana
Absolutely, while pooping Lol, or under the shower!
wen lu
After I got off work. the home only mine. I often have good ideas.
Artem Galenko
Just travel by yourself and try to obsereve as many things as you can! Everywhere and Every day!
Astha Sharma
Deff the shower! Haha, best time to think because there are no distractions.
Flo Breuer
Honestly, not gonna lie, but when drop a deuce.
David Jeremiah Fuimaono
Usually when I'm going for a walk, driving, or sitting in silence with no other agenda than "sitting for answers."
Rahul Singh
Mumbai Local Train
Johan Bavaud
From nowhere, every time, every day. Then forge them in the shower or while running in a forest.
Ivan Burban
From blogs, books, sometimes from TV shows like Black Mirror :)
Aaron O'Leary
While cooking! The ingredients tell me things 👀
@aaronoleary where can I get some of those "ingredients"? asking for a friend.
Jensen Chen
1.Chatting with friends working in different filed. 2.Browsing Product hunt and some tech news websites such as 36Kr etc. 3.Reading some books about successful products and founder of successful company.
Jensen Chen
Look up current popular Apps on App Store
Andrew Tye
Usually when I'm trying to get something else done..
Aakash Kerawat
just before falling asleep!
Tejas Kinger
Usually alone when I'm on a solo walk.