Are any makers working on performance management tools?

Colin Winhall
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We are looking to either build or integrate something involving 360-degree feedback mechanisms in to our platform. I would of course prefer to implement something instead building it so if anyone out there is already working on something in this area, please reach out!


WeSay Solutions
@colinwinhall We have an app called WeSay - which stands for 'What Everybody Says About You'. It is an app about finding out your social perception through 360 degree feedback. Here is an introductory video which will explain how the app works:
You can download the app on Play Store at:
Colin Winhall
@wesay Thanks for the reply, although your tool looks very interesting I am really looking for a professional/business driven solution rather than a social one.
Colin Winhall
@15five @imchrisdavis Exactly like this. 2 others I have come across are & Are the makers of @15five on PH? Any ideas?
Chris Davis
@colinwinhall No idea -- I assume the profile is connected to an email that someone might see. And interesting. I'll have to check the other two out. Are you looking for something specific? I'd be happy to assist if so.
Carolyn Peer
@colinwinhall Hi, Colin - Our employee retention platform is a modern take on employee surveys. It includes 360 feedback - you can request feedback or provide feedback through a fun, interactive chatbot. Whitelabeling it is possible - and my email is carolyn dot peer at humaxa dot com. Please let me know!