Where & when to seek the right legal advice during MVP stage?

Colin Winhall
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Hey all, A month or so ago I launched another side project that I am super passionate about. Called Oxus. Oxus matches users together who are interested in sharing and splitting the cost of expensive SaaS subscriptions. Recently I got an offer from someone to acquire Oxus but they later pulled out due to getting advice from an attorney that software companies could seek to take legal action against Oxus for merely facilitating these actions. I'm very skeptical about that advice as it seems a safe-play more than a clear cut legal problem. I would be very interested in diving deeper in to the legal issues surrounding subscription sharing but I'm not sure what type of lawyer I require or if this is still even the right stage to go looking for it. So far the platform only has 120 users and only 3 paying members. How did the likes of Uber handle their legal issues? Did they only seek legal advice when they actually were already getting sued or in legal troubles or did they get advice from the get-go? Looking forward to hearing people's answers and starting a discussion on this. I feel disrupting an industry always will pose legal problems and have strong opinions from either side but there is surely a path to find in between.


Tristan Viney
I don't have any advice. I just wanted to chime in and say I love the idea of Oxus 🚀 It's a behaviour people -- myself included -- are already doing. So what I love about this is that it extends the amount of subscriptions you have access to. Best of luck with your legal woes 💪
Colin Winhall
@tristan_viney Thanks Tristan. I'm very passionate about the idea but the legalities of it all are so hard to understand. IT is a very complex matter.