Colin Winhall

Colin Winhall



Problem solver.

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Earlier this year
  1. Moving our Google Sheets roadmap to Coda

    Eric de la Chevrotiere
    Lachlan Kirkwood
    Joseph Fung
  2. Investigating pitch deck solutions

    Dain Miller
    Chengpei Shi
    Joseph Fung
  3. Currently checking out the PH coworking extension.

    Stefan Caki Pilipović
    Ta Wei
    Emily Snowdon (née Hodgins)
Last year
  1. Get more active on Twitter and write more on Medium!

    Julie Delanoy
    Ali Oral
    Eugene Berlin
  2. Find 25 SaaS founders to interview to validate Oxus. Can you help?

    Daniil Okhlopkov
    James Gallagher
    Vanessa Pagan
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