What's the best platform for organizing meetups?

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Hey everyone. What's your opinion on this? I see people use meetup.com or Facebook events usually. Sometimes Eventbrite (personally my least favorite). Which do you prefer and why?


Dan Edwards
@abadesi Only ever used the services you mentioned, it's kinda surprising that there's not more alternatives in this space. For ease of use my go-to is Facebook events.
Jordi Mon Companys
@abadesi Eventbrite is better than meetup IMHO. The organizer app is perfect to give tickets back, manage door access and quick analytics.
Ildi Xhaholli
@abadesi almost all events I attend are through Meetup, Eventbrite or Facebook. But I find it interesting that there might be a growing trend of using Instagram to organize events. This article touches on this a bit https://www.theatlantic.com/tech...
Rakesh Singh
@abadesi Well I prefer both Facebook & Eventbrite for the following reasons: Facebook: 1. The Facebook algorithm makes sure that your event is shown to nearby people or to those who might be interested in that event. 2. It creates a channel where people can discuss or ask questions related to it. 3. Once someone clicks on 'Going' or 'Interested', they always get notification whenever you post something on the event page. This gets you a lot of engagement at no cost. Eventbrite: 1. If your event is generic which people might search for (eg. 'New Year Party' or 'Match Screening') then eventbrite can get you traffic from Google as many people search for these events on Google. 2. Easier to sell event tickets.
Afshana Diya
@abadesi, Meetup.com for organizing community meetups and Facebook event for local/personal ones! Never felt the need for finding anything else. :D
Anton #Abton Gladki
@abadesi Yah def FB events unless you want make a larger scope with tickets than Eb and than rout it through FB.
Mike Staub
@abadesi I think meetup.com is the best, but none of them are perfect. I'm building a new one and would love to get your feedback. https://peapods.com
Chris Bolman
@abadesi we make organizing and community-building software (for most community use cases it's also free): https://www.brightest.io/
Astha Sharma
@abadesi I don't have a Facebook so I tend to find out about a bunch of events through meetup. I feel like it is organized and all event information is easy to find.
daftar togelku
@abadesi i think facebook is the best solution for you
Peter N
Hey, what were your final conclusions? I'm searching for an easy platform to manage online events. Started with Eventbrite, but I find it not good enough. Meetup.com almost fits the bill, but it is not made for online and I have to pay a subscription fee also.