Which tools are you using for effective remote meetings?

Lluís Ventura
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Lluís Ventura
Zoom - GChats - For video conf and sharing screen (zoom.us) Comeet.me - Agendas / Meeting Next-steps (synch&track) / Meeting feedback (www.comeet.me) GDocs-Slides - Pre-reading Presentations/Memos (gsuite.google.com)
Nicholas Mohnacky
@lluis_m_ventura | Google hangouts (video), bundleIQ (docs + discussions), (Looking into Comeet.me to use for action items)
Nicholas Mohnacky
@lluis_m_ventura Just downloaded and created a mock scenario on a meeting. It's simple and intuitive, bravo! I'll recommend to others.
Slack, Zoom, Quip docs
Irma Mesa
GDocs - for real-time meeting notes and collaboration. Mostly use them during 1:1s or team meetings where one of us will share their screen with the doc in focus and we can all visually keep track of questions or notes. Zoom - we've tried other tools but Zoom has been the most reliable Uxpin - or any design tool. We use UXPin at work and when it comes to presenting user journeys, or drawing up a quick wireframe during a meeting it works great ot get everyone on the same page.
Antonio Orlando
Whereby - Nothing to download, works perfectly everytime, great audio and video quality, lightweight browser plugin for screen sharing (with options for what to share actually), text-chat, totally free for up to 4 participants, super-simple and effective. It's incredibly well done.
Joshua Tabansi
Using a tool I launched here: timeblocks.co with zoom. Great for sticking to schedule and not spilling over
Dominik Berger
I can highly recommend Samba Live (digitalsamba.com) - a highly collaborative video conferencing software that runs in your browser.
Anda Somodea
🎯 Dewo, sister tool of @timelyapp. Reschedules meetings to protect everyone's focus time. Works brilliantly for teams scattered across the globe. 👉https://memory.ai/dewo 📃 Airtable: Helps us shape our ideas on the go. 👉https://airtable.com 👩‍💻Zoom: For video conferencing (already mentioned in the comments). 👉https://zoom.us 📹 Loom: For easy recording. 👉https://loom.com
Howie Young
Guys, allow me to share Tico 2.0 - Powercall with you. It empowers everyone to start a video meeting in 3 secs. We just launched it 10 days ago and got the #10 of the day in the end. I know there are some other useful services in the world, but Tico is the only one that truly realizes a service that empowers everyone to create/join a video meeting with just 2 clicks (less than 3 secs). Whatsmore, it's the only one that works in the Safari browser on your iOS devices, which means, truly no requirement for any download and any registration on any device. Just give our PH page a check and you'll see how powerful it is! @lluis_m_ventura I just checked your service and it looks great to me. Feel free to give me a message if you also think that it's a great idea to integrate Tico into your service. Since to me, by doing so, you will bring a more stunning experience for users on your platform.
girish wadhwani
Re:Schedule works great for remote meetings. (https://www.reschedule.app). It brings the tools you need for meetings like agendas, action items, notes, etc into your calendar. All this information is organized according to your schedule so you have what you need just when you need it. Tap on a meeting to open a meeting workspace and type away!
Laura Vasquez
We mostly use Zoom for 1:1s and team meetings/quick updates with screenshares
Jaryd Hermann
Slack, Discord, Zoom
Nicholas Mohnacky
Hi Lluís, Comeet is cool. We use a product that our team built called, bundleIQ. But bundleIQ doesn't have this task-oriented functionality. Rather, it allows a fast and fluid way to document and share team knowledge using docs and discussions. It's perfect for remote meetings. As a user, you can create a meeting agenda, share it with your team, then start a discussion. These discussions serve as the Minutes. I like Comeet as a clear next step solution to activate the Minutes. Available on the App Store and on the web - https://apps.apple.com/us/app/bu...
Sean Jackson
Skype is the default for most one-on-one meetings and Google Hangouts for groups.
Rémi Lefèvre
Using a combination of MS Teams and MS Planner for chats, video chats and tasks attribution, Whereby and Paper by Dropbox synced to my calendar for semi-automated agenda, participants, minutes and actions, and Figma for live presentation / design / wireframe. :)
Lluís Ventura
@rmlfvr Nice combo! Comeet.me try to do the same you are doing with Dropbox Paper but for GSuite users and fully integrated into the Calendar.
Veronika Cervenakova
I would say Zoom for video conferencing ScreenCloud for sharing content on screens with remote people and offices around the world Slido for making the remote meetings engaging and transparent
Kelly Robert Graver
Zoom/Hangouts - Video and chat Tendii - Time-boxed agendas, meeting notes, digital whiteboarding (shameless plug for my own product, check it out at https://www.tendii.io)
I haven't found a better solution then Gsuite all the way through from Google Calendar for scheduling, hangouts for auto-generated meetings, and google docs/slides for sharing content with each other
Chhaya B
We use a combination of Slack and a lightweight tool we built ourselves called https://jamm.app to facilitate both ad-hoc spontaneous conversations, run async standups and also do live video huddles with our team. Also we use https://notion.so to capture any documentation as part of follow up to meetings.