Completely redesigned with GIFs, group video chat, & stories

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Dear god. Next up: Microsoft Outlook, but with Stories!
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@bluerssen Excel...but with Stories
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@bluerssen Wordperfect, now with stories!
I truly don't understand why people still concern about Stories. It's a normal feature now :))
Skype calls with overseas suppliers will never be the same
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I've always used Skype as a professional tool, to video chat with teammates and external folks for work. This refresh feels a LOT more fun and social. TechCrunch's @sarahintampa makes note of the Snapchat-like stories. 😉
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@rrhoover @sarahintampa Same here, I can't imagine anyone I have on Skype using stories!
@rrhoover Skype stories would be the funniest thing ever or the saddest thing ever!
@jevinsew @rrhoover @sarahintampa At one point, large businesses said this about Facebook. Then small businesses. Then my Dad. We all know how that ended.
@kevinsuttle you do have a point there.
Gradients, Gradients everywhere!
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No. More. Stories. Please.
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@gflandre They never listen to their users, like us :D