I have a long drive today. Send me your podcast recommendations! 🙏🏼

Ryan Hoover
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Hi, friends! I'm driving down to LA and looking to fill my podcast queue to keep me company. What's the best podcast episode you've listened to this year? Appreciate your suggestions.


Mateusz Wierzbicki
@rrhoover Product Breakfast Club by @jakek and @jicecream - My favourite one :)
Jaclyn Schiff
@rrhoover if you're into the true crime things and haven't listened to "To Live and Die in L.A." that can totally get you through your drive! Other ideas: - All of Noah Kagan's recent episodes have been awesome. The interview with Alan Weiss about million dollar consulting is a good one (https://okdork.com/alan-weiss/) - Without Fail (hosted by Alex Blumberg from Gimlet) - The Business of Content (loved the episode about Vox's podcast strategy) Enjoy :)
Kunal Bhatia
@rrhoover still evergreen — High Resolution by @erondu and @bobby_ghoshal. See more at @highrespodcast.
@rrhoover Freakonomics 🤓
Tomas Hertus
@rrhoover I recently finished the Gangster Capitalism about the college admission scandal and it was quite eye opening - https://www.stitcher.com/podcast...
Anne-Laure Le Cunff
@rrhoover I'm biased but I recommend the Maker Mag podcast 🤗
Pier 🍉
@rrhoover I enjoyed Arlan's Hamilton's podcast yesterday! Your first million - Jeff Ullrich – “It was 1/3 vision, 2/3 luck.” https://yfmpodcast.com/7-jeff-ul...
Derek Yap
@rrhoover if you haven't heard it yet, definitely check out the Joe Rogan Experience #1309 with Naval Ravikant
Karen Jaw-Madson
@rrhoover I'm on the latest episode of Crack the Customer Code. Would love your thoughts!
Maiko Schaffrath
@rrhoover Check out Impact Hustlers - featuring entrepreneurs that solve global social & environmental problems
Philipp Meder
@rrhoover my favorite podcasts are Revisionist History, Business Wars, The Tim Ferriss Show, Masters of Scale, and Akimbo.
Dre Durr💡
@rrhoover Disgraceland **WARNING** You will not get anything done once you start listening. Hands down my favorite find of recently. How your musicians get away with murder or get caught.
Lyondhür Picciarelli
@rrhoover Listening to Foundr Magazine Podcast with Nathan Chan - (257: How Ryan Hoover Grew Product Hunt From Humble Email List to Tech Trendsetter) It's about this random dude who does newsletters and stuff...
Ryan Hoover
@lyondhur ha! I haven't listened to that one. How is it?
Lyondhür Picciarelli
@rrhoover :D It's actually quite good mate. Nathan paced his thoughts and questions really well and I reckon it gave you enough time to thoroughly elaborate on each point. Very enjoyable and, as usual, frank and insightful.
John Kappa
@rrhoover Design Tomorrow by Christopher Butler
Jordi Mon Companys
@rrhoover All of My Dad Wrote a Porno http://www.mydadwroteaporno.com/... An interview with Adam Jacob on Software Defined Interviews on Open Source business models and communities https://www.softwaredefinedinter... Spending time by Daniel Harmermesh on Econtalk http://www.econtalk.org/daniel-h...
Osman Erdi Balcıoğlu
@rrhoover https://theglocal.co/author/enis/ mostly about Turkey's startup ecosystem, can be interesting for you Ryan
Mike Cohen
@rrhoover In Our Time - with Melvyn Bragg (e.g. https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes...) if you like science, history and philosophy!