Osman Erdi Balcıoğlu

Osman Erdi Balcıoğlu



Founder, Juphyjuphy.com

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Earlier this year
  1. Filtering Functionality latest social messages on Juphy.com

    Thomas Groutars
    Andrey Torus
    Yuri Alves
  2. Search in messages functionality for Juphy.com

    Divyanshu Negi
    Merott Movahedi
  3. Public BETA Release [If you want to try it! just comment]

    Julie Delanoy
    Tkachenko Arthur 🇺🇦
    Lachlan Kirkwood
  4. Finish UI Development for the juphy.com

  5. Publish Lead By Keyword on PH Today

    Julie Delanoy
    Souhail Merroun
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